How to Transform Excel into Advanced Analytics Solution?

Today’s data driven industry demands insights behind every purchase, investment, social media update and customer interaction. Looking at the revolutionary prowess of data analytics and business intelligence, businesses would start looking up to agile analytics with an integrated approach. Transform Excel into Advanced Analytics Solution

The soaring popularity of BI & Analytics impels companies to seek easily available, cost-effective tools that can be put into use by an easy-to-acquire skillset. Hence, it comes as no surprise that more than 750 million users worldwide choose Microsoft Excel for presenting and analysing data!

Excelling with MS Excel- The Reliable Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets come handy in data integration and analysis due to their greater data manipulation capabilities. Lower cost and higher capability of MS Excel make it one of the favourite choices of spreadsheets. It makes for a strong foundation of any Business Intelligence strategy, which makes it particularly suitable for small and midsized businesses.

With greater business intelligence features dovetailed to ease data collation processes, MS Excel is now being widely used to create powerful reports, scorecards and dashboards. You could use the innumerable functions of this powerful tool to share, view, explore and refresh workbooks in browser windows.

Maximizing the Excel Potential!

MS Excel is an affordable solution that allows you to explore, visualize and present your data in an easily comprehensible manner. It could easily help you present your unstructured data in the right manner.

There are endless options available for Analytics today, but Excel remains popular because of its eclectic functionalities. With Excel’s new version of Excel 2016, you can look for unlocking insights and narrating a story with your data.

Read along to know why Excel would always continue to be the favourite magic wand of all Analytics wizards!

1. Easy to Use with Simplified Approach

Database fields are often vague, but using local dataset in Excel could make them all the more comprehensible by converting them into simpler values. This helps in reducing ambiguity and ensures greater data usability for the end users.

MS Excel makes it possible for people with limited skillsets to derive desirable inputs and present data in a simplified and organized manner. It also enables such people to come up with quick and easy advanced reports and work with unstructured data.

2. Easy Availability

Extracting insights from a gazillion inputs on the web is no easy task, and BI experts seek easy availability of resources for the same. With MS Excel, you can look for agile analytics and greater ease of work. This makes Excel a favourite choice of most BI Analytics experts!

3. Affordable Solution

There would be innumerable options available in the market for Analytics and BI, but most of these BI tools tend to burn a huge hole in your pocket. In order to come up with desired results with affordable solutions, BI experts vouch for the credibility of MS Excel.

4. Dispatching Data

You could bid adieu to those days when you manually duplicated data onto several worksheets. Excel enables you to pass Excel instructions and create Excel objects, which allows you to dispatch data into several sheets or workbooks, based on data value change.

5. Greater Customization

One of the most beautiful features of Excel is that it allows you to customize data formats. You can make your reports readable and work towards highlighting important information, thereby minimizing the need to restrict yourself to predefined Excel templates.

Its robust interface makes Excel a highly popular choice among users. Even in the age of high-end BI tools, MS Excel is less likely to lose out on its popularity because of its feature-rich offerings.

Excel provides users with exceptional user flexibility and greater comfort when formatting data or putting it in graphical format. Get in touch with our BI experts to learn more about the excellent capabilities of MS Excel.

Has MS Excel helped you drill down to insightful inputs during times of distress? If yes, why not share your stories with us in the comments below!



Amlan Biswas

Amlan Biswas

Amlan Biswas heads the Business Intelligence and Analytics practice in Tata BSS. He is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and has more than 8 years of experience. Amlan is a an avid reader and have profound interests in history and geography. He also cherishes travelling and discovering India when he gets some days away from analytics.

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