5 Hints For Increasing The Visibility Of Your Law Firm’s Website

5 Hints For Increasing The Visibility Of Your Law Firm’s Website

Your law firm’s website can be a very important tool in your lead generation efforts. If you market your site effectively, targeting the right audience, you could see the number of cases you take on each month steadily grow, without having to put in enormous amounts of effort.

People search the web for just about anything they need these days, including legal services. To leverage your website to benefit your firm you need to increase its visibility on the web so people actually find it. This is not as easy as it would seem since the legal niche is a very competitive one. Let’s look at a few hints that can help you increase the visibility of your law firm’s website on the internet.

1. Use Press Releases

Press releases about important cases that your law firm has won, or managed to settle are a great tool for improving your online visibility. People looking for a law firm to handle their case want to find a firm that’s handled similar cases to theirs in the past with a successful outcome. If they find a press release about your firm, this might persuade them to visit your site and ultimately perhaps hire your firm. Furthermore, press releases are also good for your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), though their SEO value isn’t as large as it used to be anymore.

2. Content Marketing

Blogging on your own website and guest blog posting to other relevant blogs can improve your site’s visibility immensely. Regularly producing content for your site’s blog (add one to your website if you don’t have one yet) can help establish authority with visitors looking for information regarding legal topics and help improve your search engine rankings. Guest posting can help you get relevant links back to your website, which improves your SEO as well.

3. Social Media

While social media marketing is not as important for law firms yet as it is for businesses in many other industries, it’s definitely becoming increasingly important for a firm’s online presence. Since most law firms are not very active on social media yet, you can get a jumpstart on your competition by investing in a solid social media marketing strategy today. This doesn’t mean that you need to allocate your entire marketing budget to social media, but at least set up a company page on one or two social networks and regularly share useful content. Depending on your target audience, LinkedIn or Facebook can be good places to start.

4. Video

Video marketing can be a very effective marketing tactic for your law firm’s site. Videos are often easier to rank in search engines and can appeal to a large audience of people who prefer visual and auditive content over text. A well produced video can also help convince people to contact your firm and puts a face to your law firm’s website.

5. Responsive Design

More and more people are using mobile devices to research the web. This means that if your website is not optimized to look good and function well on these devices, that you will scare off visitors before they’ve even properly looked at your site. Make sure that your site either has a mobile version, or preferably a responsive design so it looks great and is easy to navigate on any device.



Zane Schwarzlose

Zane Schwarzlose writes for the Loewy Law Firm, a personal injury law practice in Austin, Texas. Zane has been helping this practice increase their online visibility.

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