Secrets Revealed – How To Write Ads That Sell?

“When it comes to copywriting, go big or go home.”

  – David Ogilvy

As harsh as it may sound, surviving these digital times is challenging. It makes sense to push the envelope during these testing times, because of the lucrative opportunities you can uncover at every step.  With a projected compound annual rate of 5.1% in the next few years, global spending on media is touted to increase.

Have you made a place for yourself in this creativity-fuelled digital world yet? If not, now is the time. Unleash your creativity by understanding how to write ads that fetch you better click-through rates.

Why Ad Copies Matter The Most?

Ads deliver the first impression of your business and determine whether your potential customers should visit your digital property or not! First impressions last, and your copy needs to make a million dollar impact.

Lately, digital ads have become popular due to their cost-effectiveness and ability to reach a massive audience quickly. This newfound popularity has also shot up investments on ads, increasing the overall ad spending budgets.

As one of the marketing firsts, there have been reports indicating an ad spending of a projected $32.17 billion on digital ads. There can be no better time than now, to reap fruits of such lucrative opportunities in ad copywriting.

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How To Write Ads That Boost Your Click-Through Rates?

You see ads all the time, and yet only a few of them manage to grab your attention. Ever wondered why? The ones to grab more attention are effective ad copies, written with the right blend of creativity and succinctness.

Want to know how to write ads that your customers would love to click? Here are a few factors we’d suggest to help you brush up your copywriting skills:

  1. Catchy Headlines – 25 Characters That Deliver What You Promise!

While writing effective ad copies, make full use of the limited characters. Here’s what you could do to optimize your 25 characters in the best possible manner:

  • Catch attention of target audiences, considering their pain points
  • Make a promise that is delivered in the rest of your copy
  • Target natural curiosity by raising questions in the reader’s mind
  • Apprise your audience of the latest buzz – something they didn’t know about
  • Start with ‘How-To’ or a brain-influencing question
  • Use a commanding tone to tell your audience what they need to do
  • Implicate your audience using ‘You’ or indirect referencing
  • Intricately work numbers and statistics into your headline

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people read your headlines, and only 2 out of 10 read the rest of your content? Ah! That hurts, but you can change that… If you can craft a magnetic headline that turns more heads towards you.

  1. Bolster Your Copy With Information

A persuasive ad copy is indispensable, even if you have a promising headline. We all seek persuasive ad copies, but what are they truly made up of? 100% information and 0% crap! Honest facts and helpful information is what distinguishes a great copy from the rest.

Does your copy contain the information your target audience needs? If yes, you need not fret! You already know how to write ads that sell.

  1. Skip Intensifiers – Go Concise!

“XYZ is amazingly efficient at beating acne”

This opening statement can evoke audience reactions… Not engagement really, but perhaps some yawns 🙂

Intensifiers find place for themselves in literature novels that involve drama and description, but ad copies? Nah!

Ad copies are meant to be short, and unnecessary description will only irk your readers. Bid adieu to adverbs, unrequired adjectives, words such as ‘kind of’, ‘sort of’, ‘very’.
If you cannot kick your habit of including verbose items into your copy, consider filtering them out when you edit. You’d see for yourself how effective your copy sounds without verbosity.

  1. Clever Word Play – Fuelled on Emotions

Nah! We haven’t forgotten the clever usage of words as an essential ingredient to compose effective ad copies. Clever word-play is the magic weaved by crafty wordsmiths – a spell you cannot break too easily.

“Want your loved ones to look into the mirror and smile back confidently? Spread smiles with XYZ gift coupons!”

What do you say to this? Perhaps a wordsmith is not always needed to weave magic with words. Fuelling your copy with emotions could be an amazing trick to help you write an effective copy.

Don’t forget to edit your copies. Sometimes, it helps to write without editing, and make edits to your copy only at the last. A break of a few hours could work wonders for your editing! Taking a break from time to time can also rack your brains to come up with creative wonders.

  1. Compelling CTA To Strike Gold At The End!

Your Call-To-Action is not just capable of driving clicks, but also improving conversions! CTAs may have evolved over years, but the goals haven’t.

What results do you expect from your ad copy? Want audiences to sign up for a newsletter? Want them to connect with you on social media? Make sure your goals are spelled out loud and clear, so that you come up with an effective call-to-action that resonates with your goals. You need not always be clever, but more importantly be clear!

If you struggle with telling people how to respond, consider testing your CTAs time and again so that you learn to do it better. The success of an ad copy heavily rests on its CTA so do make sure you work on coming up with the right CTA!

Consider the fold position and viewability of your ads when publishing them. A strong ad copy would be futile if your ad is not viewable, because you can drive maximum action with viewable impressions.

Have you written a killer ad copy recently? Don’t forget to share your success stories and tips on how to write ads that sell with us, through your comments below.




Priyanka Iyer

Priyanka Iyer is a content marketer at Tata Business Support Services Ltd. A writer by day and a reader by night, she likes to push the envelope with numerous possibilities in terms of digital marketing, social media and content strategies.

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