Top 5 Social Media Monitoring Tools That Guarantee Actionable Insights

Increased social media usage has ensured that what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas anymore. It goes viral on social media platforms such as Facebook, TwiTop 5 Social Media Monitoring Tools That Guarantee Actionable Insightstter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. People have begun to share their opinions on social media, which influence 93% of shoppers’ buying decision!

This has fueled an increase in social media monitoring, which entails online reputation management and sentiment analysis. With more tech-savvy consumers, mining the opinions of consumers is a prerequisite.

How would that help you? Read along to know!

  • Get genuine feedback
  • Drill down to concrete data
  • Revive a brand, product or service
  • Resolve misperceptions
  • Adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape
  • Dent online competition
  • Identify customer requirements
  • Increase marketing opportunities
  • Gain business intelligence
  • Uncover accurate and relevant insights
  • Effectively manage online reputation

Put yourself in charge by monitoring the buzz, sentiment, reach, discussions and convert them into valuable insights using social media monitoring!

Want to attain the idyllic state of ‘Internet Nirvana’ with thrift? We’ve cherry-picked the best 5 social media monitoring platforms that go easy on your pockets and yield best results! Here’s a brief lowdown on the top social media monitoring tools:

1. BRANDWATCH– The Holy Grail

Brandwatch is truly the Holy Grail of these social media monitoring platforms that allows you to segment your audiences for
a focused and comprehensive marketing research. A leading business software review program recently published a report in which Brandwatch received the highest customer satisfaction score of 97 out of 100.

BRANDWATCH- The Holy Grail

Brandwatch isn’t the cheapest platform available, but its effective online reputation management applications could keep you way ahead of the curve! You get real value-for-money with this premium platform that helps you benchmark sentiment, evaluate campaign efficiency and grow your revenues by identifying marketing opportunities.

With an eclectic clientele that comprises of big names such as Hootsuite, Monster, Kellogg’s and ESPN, it is definitely the best platform to help you harness the infinite power of social intelligence. This top of the line platform however, has a scope for improvement in terms of its social engagement features. With better engagement features, there would be no stopping for this amazing platform!

2. SYSOMOS – Drive Better Decisions!

A powerful coalesce of business intelligence and social media, Sysomos aced all other platforms to become the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner. Want instant and unlimited access to all social media conversations? Let Sysomos do it for you, and give you a real-time picture of how media sites view you, your brand, products and people!

It captures the true potential of social media by helping you monitor who or what drives conversations about your brand. You can use this platform to gain competitive intelligence, discover leads and leverage social selling.

Drive Better Decisions with SYSOMOS

Sysomos can be used on a daily basis for both- longer analytics and quick queries. Sysomos has excellent global reach and allows you to pick your key influencers. With a good database of social content, you can always choose Sysomos if your business has a large Twitter structure.

You may not be able to dive deep into conversations with Sysomos, mainly because this platform is rife with spam. The intuitive interface of Sysomos however, integrates business intelligence to it, and makes for a cost-effective platform that brings big gains to your business.

3. MENTION – Multi-Task in Real-Time!

In this exhaustive list of social media monitoring platforms, Mention has also sought a place for itself because it enables you to multi-task! The platform has created ripples on the social media space because of its ability to create comprehensive reports out of consumer-relevant social media conversations.

Use Mention to keep a finger-on-the-pulse of the industry, while also responding to social mentions in real-time. It could be the best platform for engaging audiences, and its easy accessibility ensures that you can access it anywhere. Collaborate with your team easily using this platform with its powerful interface.

Multi-Task in Real-Time with MENTION

Today’s fast-paced lives require businesses to react quickly, especially as the growth curve is rapidly steepening. Mention accelerates this growth by making use of leading ORM tools and enhancing customer satisfaction like never before!

With fast-evolving technologies that learn from the customer behavior, you can look to vanquish the noise by spam and homonyms. It helps you save time and jump to the relevant details, thereby minimizing manual labor.

4. CRIMSON HEXAGON – Go Beyond Face-Value!

If you want to meet immediate deadlines with timely quality of social data, Crimson Hexagon could be an ideal choice for you. Crimson Hexagon is an enterprise big data company that helps you dig deep into the context, and identify interests that drive social action.Go Beyond Face-Value with CRIMSON HEXAGON

It is one of the most flexible options available that allows you to customize your options further. The platform rates very high on customer satisfaction and is used to conduct top-level analysis to gain a broad overview of the topic being monitored. An access to its cloud-based software application can be licensed on a named user basis.

Crimson Hexagon has also created quite a buzz with frequent features of its current events and trending topics in news articles. Using comprehensive services of this platform, Pew Research analyzes media coverage and discourse!

5. VIRAL HEAT – Simplification Personified!

Do you want uninhibited access to the mentions of your desired keywords across the infinite world of web information in a simply digestible format? If yes, get floored by the paVIRAL HEAT – Simplification Personified!tented technology and easy-to-use intuitive interface of Viral Heat!

Including multiple feeds to monitor a single word or phrase gets pretty annoying, doesn’t it? With Viral Heat, you can bid adieu to these problems and include multiple keywords, phrases and hashtags all at once. With strong sentiment analysis tools, you can determine audience sentiment and even identify factors that could directly lead you to potential buyers.

The only drawback of this platform is that it does not filter out the spam. An advanced marketer with greater discerning skills could however, overcome this problem and leverage its highly rewarding benefits.  In the Spring 2015 report, G2 Crowd included Viral Heat in the ‘High Performer’ list, where it was lauded for its high levels of customer satisfaction.

Which Social Media Monitoring Platform would you Choose?

We listed out the most affordable platforms that can accelerate growth for all size businesses and put them in a different league altogether. We understand that differentiation is critical to ensure long-term success in a business. Business goals and requirements hence, tend to vary considerably. There can be no one-size-fits-all approach when choosing an ideal social media monitoring platform. If you wish to setup your online reputation management team, this tool comes handy let you plan ORM Expert Resource requirements.

Each of the platforms mentioned above could outperform the other in an environment conducive to its performance. Make the right choice by carefully understanding your current and long-term social media monitoring goals.

Which social media monitoring platform would you choose for your business? Please feel free to share your comments with us below. We’d love to hear your opinions!


Abhijeet Kotwal

Abhijeet Kotwal

Abhijeet Kotwal has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. He is a marketing strategist, bootstrapped start-ups from scratch to a recognized product with over million users. He has many success stories in his belt in the field of eCommerce, mCommerce, Retail, Hospitality and IT & ITES (BPO) with a proven ability for digital marketing, social media, product development and analytics. His areas of expertise include brand digital strategy, product innovation and creative design.

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  • Hi, Abhijeet! I really like how you describe the importance of social media listening! I believe that all of the benefits you state are part of one big idea, which should be every company’s goal today – to develop meaningful and honest relationships with the community.
    I see you selected 5 tools, but I would like to invite you to check one more – Brand24 ( It picks 20 times more mentions than some of the above-mentioned tools, which is quite valuable if you are trying to get to as much of the conversation out there as possible. The data is presented in an understandable way with good visualisations and report generation feature – I find this very helpful for further analysis and planning on how to engage with customers better. Brand24 is designed to help both small and large companies and I think that’s what makes it a top choice for many brands.
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    • Hi Dilyana. Thanks for introducing Brand24 and the invite. I would sign up and share my feedback.

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  • @abhijeetkotwal1:disqus

    Thanks for Sharing Social Media tools it’s really helpful..

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