Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016

December, often being cited as Friday of all months, is a month meant to celebrate. For marketers like us however, celebrations are equivalent to a reminiscent winter evening filled with memories of digital marketing developments in 2015, along with a comforting cuppa joe!

2015 was indeed a notable year for Digital Marketing, which became all the more special because of the following digital trends:

  1. Demand of Video Over Visual –73% B2B marketers are utilizing video as a content marketing tactic, while 7% marketers intend to increase their YouTube marketing. As the mobile app Dubsmash soars high on popularity, videos have been becoming popular like never before.
  2. Increased Influencer Marketing – In order to reach maximum target audiences, brands have started roping in influencers in their marketing campaign. Mahindra Gusto and Amazon India came up with exciting influencer-driven marketing campaigns, which have become major successes.
  3. Internet Of Things – The hype around Internet of Things has been on a rise in 2015, and there is much more to come in the years ahead! Marketing automation and Internet of Things are all set to become the epitome of convenience for marketers in 2015.
  4. User-Generated Content – User generated content helped spur audience engagement in 2015! Research has shown that 86% millennials believe user-generated content to be a good indicator of brand or service quality.

We are filled with new hopes and exciting ideas to welcome the New Year 2016 with these digital marketing predictions!

Want to know how to make the coming year all the more exciting? Here’s a brief lowdown on some exciting digital marketing predictions for the year ahead!

1. Fruits of Evangelism Marketing

Fruits of Evangelism Marketing

Fruits of Evangelism Marketing: Think with Google: Case study with Business Danmark

Come 2016, and the main focus will shift towards igniting brand advocacy within customers while providing them with unforgettable customer experiences. Considering reputation management as a part of your evangelism marketing could be like an icing on the cake. With growing discussions and increased faith in user-generated content, it has become all the more important to work towards effective reputation management as well.

It is hence, time to chalk out an action plan that leverages customer lifecycle management and relationship marketing into your evangelism marketing goals, to drive great results.

2. Internet of Things with Automation

Internet of things

Internet of things: How the Internet of Things Will Change the World

The hype of Internet of Things is all real, despite it arriving on a slow train! Internet of Things is nearly there. Wearable technology is all set to see an adoption rate of 28 percent by 2016, which looks like an amazing news to look out for!

Location-based marketing technology is by far the best opportunity for marketers in 2016, as per 80% attendees at Kentico Connections. Marketing is all set to come in an automated avatar, with the onset of Internet of Things. We definitely don’t want to get late for this party!


3. Newer Digital Optimization

With talks about Google’s deal with Facebook and Twitter, social posts would carry the same consideration as an independent web page. This awesome integration of social with search engines could spur transformative digital optimization methods!

The news becomes all the more exciting, with an increase in digital assistants in 2016. Marketers would indeed, need to break free from the traditional SEO methods to drive best results.

4. Smartphones and Ads

Research has shown that mobile shoppers convert 160% more often on sites optimized for smartphones. There will be nearly 2 billion smartphone users by 2016, which is likely to double the mobile internet ad spend this year and the next.

We are all tired of the in-your-face marketing ads, which really need to stop! 60% of digital spending was on display ads this year. 2016 shall be the year when targeted content shall rule the roost with interactive content formats and video content types.

Minesweeping scraps of advice left behind by your courageous marketing peers is no fun. Why not enjoy the delicious fruits of the counterintuitive digital marketing developments, right at the start?

2016 will definitely be an amazing year to look forth to, and this surely has excited me beyond words. The vacillations of the disruptive digital wave are exciting and frightening at the same time. Get in touch with the forward-thinking marketers to join the Digital Marketing party, right in time, this year.

Have you aligned your Digital Marketing goals with your plans for 2016? We’d be more than excited to have you share your Digital Marketing goals with us. Please feel free to discuss your marketing goals and plans with us for 2016, through comments below.

And with that, let’s raise a toast and say Cheers to the year gone by!



Abhijeet Kotwal

Abhijeet Kotwal

Abhijeet Kotwal has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. He is a marketing strategist, bootstrapped start-ups from scratch to a recognized product with over million users. He has many success stories in his belt in the field of eCommerce, mCommerce, Retail, Hospitality and IT & ITES (BPO) with a proven ability for digital marketing, social media, product development and analytics. His areas of expertise include brand digital strategy, product innovation and creative design.

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  • MR

    Great write up Abhijeet !!

  • avinash

    what are the prospect in 3 tier city

    • In India, digital marketing is becoming more popular in Tier-3 cities because of greater demand. Youngsters in these cities have a propensity to choose careers that have a greater scope for growth and big bucks. Digital marketing provides
      youngsters with an opportunity to enjoy such fulfilling careers!

      Also, setting up companies in such cities is affordable for digital marketing
      companies, making large-scale expansions viable. I feel digital marketing is
      hence, going to greatly grow in such cities which means it’s time for aspiring
      youngsters in these cities to pull up their socks.