Top 5 Charity IPhone Apps For Workers And Fans

Top 5 Charity IPhone Apps For Workers And FansThe smartphone revolution has had an impact on just about every business, industry and social activity imaginable. Charity work is no exception. The ability to get a charity’s message to a supporter – and keep them in their mind – is an invaluable way to raise awareness and generate funds. Apps are a great solution.

Whether it’s an app for spreading a charities latest news or an app for charity supporters to make donations, there are a wide variety available in the App Store right now. Here are Top 5 iPhone Charity related apps that fit the bill.

Give Easy

Give Easy is essentially a simple charity donation tool where people can make donations to their favourite charities with a tap of a button. The app is free to use and is made by an Australian company. It is a social enterprise which makes no profit from the app itself. The app allows charities to create a page in the charity ‘store’. Users can search for charities in the store and make donations as they see fit. The charity can also send alerts to notify users of any events or fundraisers they are organising.

Charity Budget

Charity Budget is a simple budgeting app to help people and companies plan their charitable donations. This enables people to see the scope of their charity donations, whether it is a local, national or international charity. It also allows you to see which areas it benefits, from animal welfare to disaster relief. It is a great way for people to track their charitable donations and share the details with family and friends to encourage them to do the same.


iMutt is a fun app with a serious message. The app gives you a virtual rescue dog to look after for five days. You are required to walk the dog, feed and groom it in order to keep it in good shape. Your efforts are reflected in the health, happiness, behaviour and energy of the virtual dog, which improve or decline depending on the actions you take. It’s a fun and free app and users can make a donation through a link within the app, so it helps to raise funds for the charity too.

Paws Magazine

Paws Magazine is made by the world famous Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. The magazine provides readers with helpful pet owner advice, guides and product information as well as news, celebrity interviews and competitions for readers to enter. The magazine helps to raise money for the charity and whilst the app is free to download, users pay to get the magazine, either for each individual issue or by subscription.


Pup-e-cards is an app where people can send e-cards to their friends. The user can choose from a range of puppy images and send a customised message over email, text or social media sites for free. The app aims to raise awareness about the Guide Dogs and the work that they do. The app encourages people to make a donations to the service either via text message or by sponsoring a guide dog.

Using Charity Apps

All of the apps in our round-up can be downloaded to new iPhones, and they also work on iPads as well. You’ll need to have iOS version 5 or newer. Enjoy supporting your favourite charities from the comfort of your own armchair.

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Sam Wright

Sam Wright is a journalist working with Third Sector Jobs.

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