Top SEO Content Writing Techniques in 2016

SEO and content are as inseparable in 2016 as it was a decade back. High quality writing still pays as much as it did way back then. Barring some algorithm tweaks, nothing much has changed at the front of content writing when it comes to their impact in search engines.

Even today, good posts or well-written content do perform better in search engines and boost ranking and visibility of the site. However, quality is now the buzzword as search engines can’t compromise with user experience.

Quality content matters

Yes, it’s true! More than the content, it’s the quality that matters. So, if people are not reading and enjoying whatever being written by you, then search engines won’t reward your posts for sure. This way, your site’s ranks can get impacted in a negative manner.

Quality content is important for many reasons, including –

  • Readers are interested in only quality stuff.
  • Search engines give quality in content preference for indexing purposes.
  • User or reader-friendly content do more benefit than one written for search engines.
  • Only the content with quality can inform, help, guide and entertain users a lot.

Quite clearly, the content should be written and presented in a manner to have quality and add value to users.

SEO Writing Techniques

You should know how to create better content. Unless you knew it, the content would not yield the desired result. This often defeats the entire purpose of content creation.

Here are those SEO Content techniques not to be missed

1#    Planning and Content calendar

Planning is important with content. A content calendar thus helps in this endeavour. This is the way to avoid any gap in the content consistency. With a calendar, you know what keywords to search beforehand, what topics to write around and how to add value in the content.

2#    Create frameworks

You should create outlines in advance to boost the prospects of your content. This is how the content is better structured and its SEO and readability boosted. From headline to subheadings to body content – you should be sure about these three elements of the post to maximize the impact.

3#   Write for readers not search engines

Writing for search engines is a sure-shot recipe for disaster. This may bring some SEO benefits but it won’t take you beyond that. This strategy is flawed at two levels – first, search engines won’t buy your products and second, your content will lack quality. So, always write for your audience, inform them about your products and remove their doubts etc.

4#     Natural flow of keywords

The way keyword is used in the articles or posts matters a lot. The keyword density matters, we all know, so do its relevance and prominence. You can’t overdo the keywords and neither forces them into the post in an unnatural-looking way. The keywords should add meaning to the write-up, look natural and facilitate reading. Above all, they should blend with the theme of the article/s.

5#    Sentence structuring, Meta & UX

Shorter sentences and paragraphs are what preferred by readers and search engines alike. Similarly, the Meta descriptions should be engaging to keep both the parties interested – users and search engines. You can add links to the content and boost its UX.

6#    Work on the visual aspect

Images do complement the text. That’s why; infographics do better than plain texts. So, you should lace you texts with appropriate images or pics so that readers can feel engaged and hooked. Add high-quality images in your texts and then optimize it for SEO.

In overall, all these content writing techniques are possible only when you hire the best SEO service and guide your business forward.

Sid Garg

Sid Garg

Sid Garg is an SEO specialist with years of experience of the domain. He consult and guide brands on planning, execution and implementation of best SEO practice to help them with rankings and visibility. Currently, he is employed with Mind Digital Group.

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