Internet Of Things For Dummies

Internet Of Things For DummiesThe Internet, worldwide web and stuff like that has come in common parlance to such an extent that not everyone wants to read those long discussions of what we have achieved, and what we could potentially achieve! Despite being one such individual myself, I am being consumed by this unending quest for ‘Internet of Things’ touted to bring in an era of convenience.

Blame this inquisition on my desire to shirk maximum work, the skyrocketing expectations I have from technology, or lastly my insecurities about the Internet of Things overpowering average working minds like me! The Internet of Things is a reality, which has already tightened its grip on the world by exploiting the human need for convenience.

Internet of Things – Let’s Strike a Friendship

As much as you may like to refute, Internet has entered your world and made an impact in it already. Don’t believe me? Try giving up your Internet connection for a lifetime! Too much, is it? What about a few years, a few days or a few hours?

Let’s face it today… We order out food, shop, communicate, learn, ideate, fall in love, network and do what not using Internet!

We are hugely dependent on Internet, but what if our objects of dependency start interacting with one another to make life easy (and sometimes difficult) for us? If this could be true, we are all set to witness an era of customer experience like never before!

Applications of IoT – A Rewarding Friendship!

Internet of Things is often thought to be an idea in infancy, but rapid innovation and ideation appears to have yielded best results already. Here are a few examples of innovation that involves Internet of Things. Read along to know more.

Wearable Devices

Yes, wearable technology has been around since the early 1960s, and the superheroes we’ve grown up watching have made full use of wearable technology. The portrayal of our superheroes donning wearables with superpowers has definitely added to the hype about wearable devices.

These wearable devices provide pervasive connectivity, which would disrupt industries and accelerate change. Sensors, semiconductor chips, high-speed Internet connectivity and software technologies come together to create personalized wearable devices capable of sparking innovation and creating business value.

Internet of Things is definitely developing strongly and has come out of its nascent infancy to become a strong force of positive change. The fact that there has been an increase of about 180% in the wearable IoT device shipments within just three years is an encouraging factor indeed!

Connected Devices

When watching fantasy sci-fi series, I often thought of days when signally and streaming data between connected devices securely would be a reality. It is amazing indeed that those fantasies are making their way to reality today!
There are multifarious connected objects that could involve devices and objects working together, interacting and learning from one another. This bodes for greater efficiency and better problem-solving skills, which appears too good to be true.

These days are not too far away, with Juniper Research revealing that by 2020, there will be a total of 38.5 billion connected devices in use!


The massive wave of Internet of Things is all set to transform our world by 2020. Speculations about the emergence of IoT in the world of automation are already rife, and there will soon be greater customization and perfection for even the basic tasks.

There will be greater automation, which would reduce human effort and help consumers enjoy greater advantages. This upsurge of automated technology also indicates greater growth opportunities.

Internet of Things is all set to meet facilities, and riding this wave of change is the only way to remain abreast of the latest developments. With the resurgence of Internet of Things, there could be greater scope for better solutions to address your business woes.

In this rapidly changing landscape, you definitely need to partner with the right technology experts who could build meaningful solutions and help you deal with cumbersome challenges by simplification of complex processes. Allow these experts to help you pave your way to better customer centricity and business excellence, by making the right use of Internet-of-Things!

Do you face challenges with IoT for your business? Share them with us, through your comments.



Abhijeet Kotwal

Abhijeet Kotwal

Abhijeet Kotwal has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. He is a marketing strategist, bootstrapped start-ups from scratch to a recognized product with over million users. He has many success stories in his belt in the field of eCommerce, mCommerce, Retail, Hospitality and IT & ITES (BPO) with a proven ability for digital marketing, social media, product development and analytics. His areas of expertise include brand digital strategy, product innovation and creative design.

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