7 Tips To Get On The First Page Of Google In 2017

Film “Top Gun” has a scene where the pilots selected on Top Gun are told that there are no points for second place out there. Every pilot on Top Gun competes for his heart out to be in the first place and to win the coveted Top Gun Trophy.

Seen that movie? It’s inspirational. We can easily say the same about being on the first page of Google search results.

There was a study which showed almost 75% of people never go beyond the page of Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).  There is a joke that the best place to hide a dead body is on Google’s Second Page. Nobody has the patience to go there 🙂

Though it seems overwhelmingly tough to get on the first page of Google, but if you employ your digital marketing strategy with following steps, it is possible to reach that coveted first page of Google Search Results.

  • Conduct A Thorough And Deep Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization focuses on optimizing the website for Search Engines so that the given website can gain more visibility by getting a better rank on SERP. SEO process starts with a good keyword research.  Keyword research is one of the most valuable activities in the Search Engine Marketing field.  When you research about keyword demand of an industry, you learn not only what phrases to target but your customers as well. It is important to select very specific or long tail keywords. Broad or short keywords are very general in nature. They are very tough to rank because competition for such keywords is high and generally famous brands rank for such keywords.

Conduct A Thorough And Deep Keyword Research

For example, “shoes” is a broad keyword. So, the results for this keyword would be very generic and only big brands would appear on SERPs. There would be no chance for smaller players to appear on first-page search results. While “men’s running shoes online India” is a long tail keyword. Search results would be specific and searchers would have a clear idea of what they exactly want to look for.

Conduct A Thorough And Deep Keyword Research

There are some tools that show competition score and the ranking probability of keywords. It is easily seen that competition for “shoes” is very formidable to rank while competition for ”men’s running shoes online India “ is moderate. So, there is more chance of ranking the latter keyword. Selecting relevant long tail keywords increases your chances of ranking on SERP. By doing a thorough keywords research, most profitable keywords can be chosen. Selecting keywords that are relatively easier to rank is the way to go. Generally, keywords that have a decent volume and fairly low competition are ideal keywords that have a higher probability of getting a good ranking.

  • Have A Top Notch Content On Your Website

After you have identified the most suitable keywords for your website, the next step is to build quality content around those keywords. Content is one of the most important factors as far as ranking of a website is concerned. Stuffing your website with keywords doesn’t work anymore. Search engines are very smart. Rather than just keywords, they try to look for usefulness and relevancy of content to the user. An optimum keyword density should be maintained throughout the website.

Keywod density effect on SERP

Generally, 1-3% keyword density is considered ideal but it can change as well. Content should be original. Content should not be copied from any other website. Google may penalise your website if it notices any duplicate content. Just try to create quality content on your own. Google rewards websites with original content.

Apart from just website content, your content marketing strategy should also include producing articles, creative infographics, case studies, whitepapers, videos, ppts etc. It is also recommended to update content on a regular basis. If you don’t update website content, search engine spiders may think that your website is dormant and not crawl your website due to which your rankings may suffer.

Content repurposing can also be done which is recycling the current content to surpass as fresh content. You can reach out to a new audience with the help of content repurposing.

Once you are done with building content on your website, now its turn to do On Page Optimization.

  • Do A Good On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization of your website should be foolproof. You should make sure that your primary keyword is there in Title Tag, URL, Meta Description, Alt Tags, Header Tags etc.  In the example below, it can be seen that primary keyword “running shoes” is there in the title, URL and Header.

Domain name optimization techniques

There should also be interlinking between different pages of your website to pass the link juice throughout the website. On Page, optimization is under your control. But there are many other factors for ranking that are not in your hands. Thus, whichever digital marketing agency you hire for SEO services, should do an on page optimization in such a way that there is no room for further improvement.

  • Choose A Unique Domain Name

Selecting a good Domain Name is the first thing to be done. If possible, try to add your main target keyword into the Domain Name as the foremost word in your domain. For example, if “running shoes” is your USP and you sell “running shoes for flat feet”, try to add “runningshoes” into the domain name. In below example, it can be seen that “running shoes” is in the domain name and in the URL of website “Runningshoes”. It was able to rank on the second position for keyword “running shoes for flat feet” and beat competitors like Amazon, Jabong and others. It very much illustrates how a domain name can be used to get a good ranking.

Select unique domain name

  • Create High-Quality Backlinks

Having quality backlinks to your website is one of the most important pre-requisites to move your ranking up in the search engine results. It is very difficult to rank highly for a specific keyword if your competitors have more quality backlinks than you have. Google has its Algorithm monitoring the quality of backlinks of all the websites. One should not use shady tactics to acquire backlinks.  Otherwise, your website may get penalized by Google. One should always try to build links naturally.

Create high quality backlinks

One should not indulge in activities such as getting links from a link farm, link directories etc. Avoid using any automated tool for building backlinks. Do not buy links from any shady websites. Use following strategies for natural link building –

  • Guest Posting
  • Article Submissions
  • Video link Building
  • Directory Submissions
  • Use Social Media Efficiently

Social Media Likes and shares are highly important these days. Your social media marketing strategy should be such that you build a large base of followers that like and share your pages with their friends. You should also keep interacting with your customers to make them feel valuable. Retweet, share and repost your customers’ positive feedback. Social signals you get in the forms of likes, retweets, shares may help to index and ultimately rank your website up in the search results.

Use social media for marketing

  • Technical Aspects

Your website should also be technically foolproof.  The page should load fast. HTML output has to be valid. Your website must be mobile responsive and have good speed. Load time should be less than 0.5 seconds. These things also affect your ranking in search results. Following things should be taken into consideration and remedied if needed –

  • Page Load Speed
  • Mobile Speed
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Server Issues
  • HTML Outputs
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