Best Examples of Customer Appreciation to Brighten Thanksgiving Day!

The most awaited holiday of the year is finally back… Aren’t you excited about the sumptuous feasts and the wonderful times with your family? Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect about things and people for which we’re thankful, so why not thank your customers? There can be no better occasion than Thanksgiving, for brands to reveal their human side and engage with customers…

Whoever included ‘Thank You’ as a part of the three magical words couldn’t be truer! Here’s a brief lowdown on how some businesses shot to popularity by simply including ‘Thank you’ as a part of their customer service. Read along for some interesting cases:

HEX uses Magic of Handwritten Notes

A young company named HEX used the power of humble, handwritten notes to enhance customer loyalty. Their personalized notes had a positive impact on clients, who were stoked to receive hand-written notes bearing their name and referring to their purchase.

Read more about the overwhelming impact here.

Samsung Canada Sent Customized Phone to Say Thanks!

Shane Bennett, a loyal Samsung user, sent a message to a Samsung official Facebook accounts, asking for a free Galaxy S III smartphone. He had also included a drawing of a dragon to sweeten the offer further.

Samsung Canada replied and thanked Shane, while also declining his request at first. Their response was:

Shane, who was overwhelmed by their response, posted a screenshot of the conversation, which won the Internet over. As a gesture of gratitude for enhancing their branding on social media, the Samsung Galaxy team did the unbelievable!

The team sent Shane the phone he asked for, and customized it with his original fire-breathing artwork.

The gesture made the whole Internet go Awwwww… Read more about this adorable gesture here

Thanking Customers with Entertainment-Focused Loyalty Perks

AT&T pulled out all their stops to thank customers in a unique manner. They launched a customer appreciation program where customers were thanked in a unique manner and offered entertainment-focused perks.

The business also made custom ‘Thank You’ videos to thank their customers.

Make your Employees Smile too!

In another amazing example of customer service, CLM specialists Tata Business Support Services brought some sunny smiles in the lives of their ex-employees. Here’s a sweet exchange between them and their employee:

It is heart-warming to see how brands reveal their humane side to employees and customers alike. A recent research in social psychology reveals that saying ‘Thank you’ serves to build and maintain social relationships. Let your gratitude towards your clients, flow untrammeled this Thanksgiving.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to share in your comments how you made your customers smile with the magic of ‘Thank You’!

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