We believe that remarkable marketing is a great product or an awesome service that you have. Advertising, whether done through television, radio,print, outdoor hoardings or banners on the web have very little impact on your consumer. Today’s consumer lives in an economy where his attention is a scarce commodity, is satisfied with what he has, and does not pay attention to what you have to say. We believe that advertising is dead and the only way to reach out to your audience is to seek their permission and engage in a dialogue. This means more power to social media, user-centric design and content originality. At Briefkase, our marketing philosophy is to help you build remarkable products / services that seek to be discovered by your audiences.

We are a established SEO Company in India and also offer PPC, Social Media, Website Design & Development services.

Performance Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Photography, Inbound Web Design, Video Production

Purab Mehta - Cofounder & Creative Lead

Mandar Marathe - Cofounder & Performance Marketing Lead

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