It’s no secret that great designs produce endless revenue opportunities but without the right digital strategy, and approach, your business may lose the opportune time. At Netrocon, we have only one goal in mind for your product—profitable growth. We take the genius of your product and apply digital innovation to enhance the need and attraction in the market. Our digital designs, systems, and user experiences enable you to improve marketing and operational performance, which result in customer retention, acquisition and conversion for your business. In early 2002, Netrocon was founded by a group of programmers with a similar vision: to build products that will make all of our lives easier. In particular, products that larger companies didn’t pay much attention to. In 2008, when the recession was at its peak, companies preferred hiring contingent IT workers over full-time employees. This is when Netrocon started its journey in services. From then on Netrocon has been at the forefront of technological innovation, helping businesses thrive by providing creative offerings.

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Design & User Experience

Whether you are bringing a product to market for the very first time, or looking to make enhancements to an existing solution, we help you design and test product viability and likeability. before investing time and money into it.


We build next-generation ecommerce systems, which deliver better Omni-channel customer experiences, increase customer revenue streams, and defend the customer against disruption. Our services will analyze multiple touch-points in your buyer’s journey and we will create a design strategy that will put the needs of your customer at the center of your product or platform. We make a user’s interaction with your business delightful. Research shows that when your customers have a pleasant experience their loyalty and buying behavior are positively influenced.


Our approach to grow your business starts by us asking you the right questions. We uncover deep insights by extensive research and analysis on what matters most in influencing your customer’s decisions. Our marketing strategy is not just based on “what will work” to get your customers interested but on asking “what will change their buying behavior?

ERP & Middleware

In a world where everything is offered as a service, Microsoft smartly combined the capabilities of an ERP with the functionality and UX of a CRM system. 365, released late July 2016, is expected to be a game changer for companies considering a digital transformation. With its unique capabilities in power apps and offerings that set a new benchmark in the CRM space Microsoft 365 is a serious software for small and mid-range customers. Talk to one of our experts today to see if 365 is the right software for your business.

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