The Tamoco network is the largest of its kind in the world. We provide accurate location data which allows our customers to connect the online and offline worlds.

Our accurate data is applied in different ways – from location-based push campaigns to adding more profound targeting capabilities to customers current media.

Outside of the martech/adtech space, our data is fueling precise business intelligence insights.

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Location data has been seen as disruptive as it provides the link between the online world and the offline world – how people move and behave when they are not actively on a device.

Tamoco brings added accuracy – previous location data providers lacked the precision required to leverage these datasets or lacked the scale to provide the solution at scale.

Our innovative network approach solves both problems and allows us to deliver accurate and scalable data to our customers.

We are aggregating sensors in a network approach which allows us to source location data from multiple sources.

This means our data is more accurate than our competitors and available at scale, globally.

Our product has market data beyond the initial martech/adtech implementation.

Uses beyond this vertical include business intelligence – where insights into audiences can inform a wide range of business decisions.

Financial services is another interesting use case. With the ability to understand footfall and behaviour accurately and with scale it becomes possible to predict market forces before they happen.

Of course, the data has many different applications in the connected world, smart cities and IoT space as well.

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The company was founded by Sam Amrani (Forbes 30under30) in 2012 - sam has had multiple succesful ventures.

Rune Bromer is the CEO - with a wealth of agency experience and a number of successful exits under his belt.

Daniel Angel is the CEO - Dan brings a wealth of mobile experience have worked at some of the largest UK mobile companies including EE and Orange.

See the homepage of the website for the list of largest clients.

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