Infographic: Influence of Social Media on Sports

When it comes to sports there are always 2 games: one on the field, the other on social media, especially during important games the whole of social media is covered with comments, images, videos, conversations, and debates.

And that’s not surprising given that 61% of sports viewers follow sports online. Sports online streaming on social media is on top especially in 2017. NBA will be live on Twitter this year, Mexico Liga MX will be live streamed on Facebook, and Yahoo’s first live stream of NFL got 33.6 million views.

Experts from BettingSites compiled the most interesting facts about social media and sports. Let’s go through the most exciting ones.

The most popular clubs on Social Media

  • Real Madrid is the rock star with the most social media fans. The Royal Club has 104.7 million fans on Facebook and 24.3 million followers on Twitter.
  • FC Barcelona has 102.8 million fans on Facebook and 21.9 million followers on Twitter.
  • The third comes Manchester United with 73.7 million fans on Facebook and 11.9 million followers on Twitter.

Sports-Stars are rocking social media

Many Insta-girls and Insta-influencers are truly jealous of Cristiano Ronaldo’s success on Instagram. He is the only male and the only sports athlete who has 100 million+ followers on the popular social media channel. His post of the Eiffel tower sketch and Nike’s #justdoit hashtag gained 1.7 million likes in 2016. Ronaldo’s social media channels combined cost to Nike is $500 million per year. He has $1 billion lifetime deal with Nike.
Messi is quite popular as well. 89 million people are following his posts on Facebook and 60.1 million on Instagram.

What kind of sports content do people like?

Short match clips and pre-match footage are the most popular in social media. Fans also like short interviews and videos from training.
Beloved sports athletes’ personal life insights usually go viral as well. Messi’s son clip gained 12 million likes on YouTube.

Infographic: Influence of Social Media on Sports

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