Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses & Training Institutes in India for 2016!

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in India

Did you know your love for social media and technology could take you towards dream fulfilment? You can skyrocket your careers and take up roles of Digital Marketing Directors, Chief Marketing Technology Officers or strut confidently into the C-Suite…
It doesn’t stop here!

You can even take businesses towards success or enable a zillion positive impressions with a few clicks OR you can connect with millions of Brand evangelists on digital platforms.

Don’t believe us? Let’s deep-dive into this amazing world of dreams with a snorkel of reality!

Growing fast at a rate of 40%, the Digital Marketing Industry is an incredibly competitive and fast-growing industry that has uncovered innumerable opportunities for entrepreneurs, aspiring marketers and working professionals in fields of digital marketing and social media.

Which Digital Marketing Course or Certification will benefit you the most?

In order to simplify things, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses and Training Institutes in India for you to spread your wings on the Digital Sphere.

Read along to know which Digital Marketing Course and professional certification in India works best for you.

  1. Digital Vidya

About Digital Vidya

When it comes to getting the best Digital Marketing certification, we begin this list with Digital Vidya – Asia’s leading Digital marketing training company. Established in 2009, Digital Vidya was the first to launch Social Media Course series in India.

Digital Marketing Course & Certification

Upon completion of a six months training course, you’re eligible to appear in the CDMM (Certified Digital Marketing Master) certification exam, jointly offered by Digital Vidya and Vskills- an initiative by Govt. of India.

Why Digital Vidya stands out?

The company claims that nearly 11000+ professionals, including CXOs, from Fortune 500 companies have participated in 600+ trainings conducted by Digital Vidya across Asia. They also provide exciting options to complete your courses within 3 months.

You are always in safe hands when pursuing Digital marketing professional courses from Digital Vidya, as they have some of the most experienced trainers with decent experience and exposure.

This digital marketing program is ideal for…

You can learn digital marketing online from them, and they offer personalised curriculum suited for the needs of marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, students and others.


Digital Vidya is headquartered in Delhi, but those living outside Delhi need not despair as you can leverage their instructor-led online digital marketing training programme.

  1. IAMAI


The Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) is a not-for-profit industry body, which was founded in 2004 by leading portals in India. As the demand for talented digital marketing professionals continues to rise, IAMAI has begun to provide exhaustive digital marketing training to ensure technically equipped professionals.

Digital Marketing Course & Certification

The IAMAI offers:

  • IPv6 Certification Courses that equip a network professional to enable & implement IPv6 across the network infrastructure
  • Advanced program in Digital Marketing
  • Advanced professional certificate course in Digital Marketing
  • Search engine marketing course
Why IAMAI stands out?

IAMAI courses are supported by the Industry, and its panel comprises of some of the famous industry experts. It non-profit agenda resonates well with many individuals. As one of the strongest pillars of Digital Marketing Training in India, IAMAI has been actively involved in training professionals to inform and educate them on various different issues.

This digital marketing course is ideal for…

The program is ideal for professionals who intend to be the technical know-hows in the Digital world. The program is best suited for individuals who seek short-term programmes to strongly enable and sharpen their skills.


Though IAMAI has a prominent presence in Delhi and Mumbai, it also has a pan-India presence through the various set of courses affiliated to the IAMAI.

  1. Simplilearn

About Simplilearn

As the world’s largest certification company, Simplilearn offers certified training courses to working professionals across the world. Deloitte rated Simplilearn as the fourth fastest growing technology firm in India.  The IAMAI also rated the company as the best educational website.

Digital Marketing Course & Certification

If you need an Advanced Online Marketing Certification Training (OMCP certification), Simplilearn is the place for you! The OMCP certification is awarded to professionals who have completed extensive training and possess relevant online marketing experience. At Simplilearn, you have 2000+ qualified trainers and 400+ courses.

Why Simplilearn stands out?

The company claims to have trained 400,000+ customers across 150+ countries. Their blended model of training involves an optimal learning experience with:

  • Online Self-Learning
  • Instructor-led classroom training

These learning frameworks are made more user-friendly by continuous improvements. In order to ensure that their learners are up-to-date at all times, Simplilearn upgrades their courses periodically.

This digital marketing training is ideal for…

Marketing professionals, aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs looking forward to mastering the disciplines of Digital marketing can enrol in this course and leverage the best benefits.


This course is spread across India in different locations such as Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, etc. You can avail online or offline training from Simplilearn, as per your requirements.

  1. Delhi School of Internet Marketing

About Delhi School of Internet Marketing

A trademark of ‘Kixx Media Pvt. Ltd.’, Delhi School of Internet Marketing offers a detailed coverage of all topics along with clarity in practical sessions.

Digital Marketing Course & Certification

Delhi School of Internet Marketing offers 1 training program with 8 certifications that can help you become a Google certified professional.  They also offer two comprehensive delivery platforms for the Geek Marketer and the Cool Marketer. This single training program covers all 17 modules of Digital marketing.

Why Delhi School of Internet Marketing stands out?

The Institute has provided 5718+ professionals from across the world with proper training. There have been 153+ batches for an intensive digital marketing training program that provides you with an in-depth knowledge of all 17 modules of digital marketing.

The Institute provides interactive, learning sessions by knowledgeable trainers who help you evolve to the next level of marketing by upgrading your digital marketing skills.

This digital marketing course is ideal for…

Delhi School of Internet Marketing provides advanced digital marketing course for professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers looking to make it big in the Internet Marketing world! The Institute offers Corporate Training, Campus Learning and In-Class Training to students and working professionals alike.


If you’re based out of Delhi, you can spruce up your knowledge with a full-fledged live classroom training that would help you reach right target audiences with the lowest possible acquisition costs.

  1. IMRI

About IMRI

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Internet & Mobile Research Institute (IMRI) is a full-time international digital media training centre. Replete with an interactive classroom, digital library and a computer lab, IMRI helps online marketing professionals polish their digital skills to meet the international need for well-trained marketing professionals.

Digital Marketing Course & Certification

IMRI offers many different Digital Marketing training programs for 2 months, 6 months and 1 year. IMRI offers the following to all its students:

  • FREE Brand Identity & Image Building
  • Hands-on Experience
  • Multiple Projects
  • Career Guidance
  • Resume Tune-Up & Mock Interviews
  • Personal Brand Marketing
Why IMRI stands out?

IMRI is the first and only experiential learning centre that could help you maximise utilisation of all online resources while also enabling you to adapt to a career in online marketing. With IMRI, you can look to enhance core competencies, learn complexities of social media marketing with hands-on job experience.

This digital marketing course is ideal for…

Do you hate fretting about theories, long lectures, PowerPoint presentations or missed classes? If yes, this is the best program for you. The training centre claims to be a personal coach for life, by providing you a one-on-one digital media and analytics training program dovetailed as per your needs.


IMRI is headquartered in Bangalore, and most of the IMRI classroom training takes place from here. If you seek a completely customized experience with personalised attention, IMRI could be the right choice for you.

  1. AIMA

About AIMA

At the All India Management Institute (AIMA), you can avail a course on Digital Marketing Analytics that provides you with a comprehensive approach to make use of online advertising and social media to meet business objectives.

Digital Marketing Course & Certification

The Institute offers a Professional Certification Programme in Digital Marketing and Analytics (PCPDMA), which entails live online class room training. The attendees are trained to reach out to a precise set of audience through a variety of courses in digital marketing. AIMA has partnered with Digital Vidya for content and course materials. The course is divided into 6 modules, which include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. On-Page Optimization
  3. Off-Page Optimization
  4. Search Engine Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Web Analytics
Why AIMA stands out?

The All India Management Institute claims that 40% of the training time is dedicated to hands-on exercises that build fundamentals. Latest case-studies from the industry are also used to bring meaning and relevance to the course. Successful completion of the course entitles candidates with a professional certificate in Digital Marketing and Analytics, which is a joint certification from AIMA and Digital Vidya.

This digital marketing program is ideal for…

All India Management Institute offers short-term courses best suited for working graduates or MBA/PGDM holders having corporate exposures. There is also Corporate Training for entrepreneurs and skills and competency certification for management professionals.


Though the Institute is based out of New Delhi, their three-month long course can be attended online with 12 online projects.

  1. Edukart

About Edukart

As India’s largest platform for enrollment into distance degree, diploma programs and online education courses, Edukart provides working professionals and students with an access to long-term and short-term high-quality programs.

Digital Marketing Course & Certification

The company offers a 6-month online certificate course in Digital marketing. Their course is certified by the Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). The course content is developed by Digital Vidya.

Successful candidates shall not just enjoy the benefit of an IAMAI certification, but also receive an EduKart Rating of Employability. The ratings would allow employers to check credentials of the candidates at the times of interviews, where they can also flaunt their knowledge about the industry.

Why Edukart stands out?

Digital Marketing course and training by Edukart offers a practical guide that builds a strong understanding of social media marketing, Internet marketing, search engine optimization and website designing for enhancing the responses to your digital marketing efforts.

This digital marketing program is ideal for…

This course is well-received by individuals seeking a deeper understanding regarding the relationship between a brand and its target audience. Participants in this course are also equipped with the understanding of the need for digital marketing as a powerful marketing or sales tool.


The company is headquartered in Delhi but has some online courses, which can be attended from anywhere.

  1. NIIT

About NIIT

NIIT is often looked up as a one-stop training centre for technology-related knowledge. If you intend to poke the digital marketing piñata and enjoy its amazing offerings, you could enrol for NIIT certification, professional diploma or a ReV GNIIT.

Digital Marketing Course & Certification

NIIT offers its students a certificate in Digital marketing along with a CDM program, which is a missing link between you and your world of Digital Marketing. In addition, you could look out for a professional diploma in Digital Marketing or a ReV GNIIT – Cloud and Mobile Software Engineering.

Why NIIT stands out?

Their dynamic curriculum enables you to understand different aspects of the Digital world and ride smoothly on the wave of digital disruption. The partnership of NIIT with a Digital Marketing Institute from Ireland is great news for students! You can hence, expect a certification from the Digital Marketing Institute as well – a rewarding addition.

This digital marketing program is ideal for…

For professionals seeking better qualifications and increase their expertise, NIIT India offers a digital marketing course that covers a wide range of topics such as mobile marketing, SEO, web analytics and advanced digital marketing courses.

The only deal-breaker here is the fact that there are no online learning options available. Also, NIIT is not an exclusive digital marketing training company, which is why not many digital marketers prefer this course.


NIIT has its base in different locations such as Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

  1. Institute of Digital Marketing

About the Institute of Digital Marketing

At the Institute of Digital Marketing, self-paced learning is given more emphasis in comparison with theoretical training. The Institute enables you to apply the principles of Digital Marketing to generate engaging content.

Digital Marketing Course & Certification

Following are the contents of this course:

  • Fundamentals
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • SMM
  • Content Marketing & Blogging
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Email, mobile and Video Marketing
  • Lead Generation and Conversion
Why Institute of Digital Marketing stands out?

The Institute enables its students to conduct independent research and create an engaging, professional pitch and a marketing plan suitable for any business.  The curriculum of this Institute covers major topics pertaining to digital marketing.

This digital marketing program is ideal for…

This course is open for students, working professionals or employers intending to hire digital marketing employees.


There are full-time, part-time and weekend batches available for residents of Mumbai and Pune.

  1. echoVME

About echoVME

echoVME is an award-winning social media agency in India. The founder Sorav Jain was awarded the Best Social Media Professional in 2014. Sorav Jain is also an accomplished trainer who conducts several workshops.

Digital Marketing Course & Certification

The training sessions at echoVME enable individuals to generate leads from website, track website visitors, target ads to visitors and master the art of keyword utilisation. Each batch of the program has only ten candidates who are entertained on a first come first serve basis.

Why echoVME stands out?

The trainers comprise of an influential bunch of industry leaders, who ensure that the learners are equipped to handle the rising digital competition.

This digital marketing program is ideal for…

echoVME conducts Corporate training along with weekend digital marketing course for working professionals.


For aspiring digital marketers in Chennai, echoVME could be a wonderful option!

Every marketing plan in today’s digital era needs to be backed by a digital strategy. There is hence, an ever-increasing demand for digital marketing professionals. Experts at The Times of India, believe that Digital Marketing will create nearly 1.5 Lakh jobs in India by 2016. There have been other estimates that predict 20 Lakh digital jobs by 2020, which also indicates a rise in salaries.

Recent news in the Times of India dated January 5, 2016 states that depending on the experience and seniority of position, you can earn anywhere between Rs.30-60 lakh per annum in consumer-related sectors such as e-commerce, retail, FMCG and SaaS.

Professional Digital Marketing Courses You Shouldn’t Miss!

Every student, working professional or entrepreneur needs to spruce up digital marketing training to do well and make a difference in the field. Whether you’re a start-up looking to make it big in the Industry, a fresher with a million dreams in your eyes or a professional looking to jump-start your career, choosing an effective Digital marketing course could be an amazing way to jump ahead of the curve.

Is Digital Marketing a good career for you? What can you expect from a job in Digital marketing? You can look for greater creativity, better remuneration, amazing rewards, higher growth and an entrepreneurial spirit that could enable you to leverage the best of your talents. Perhaps you’re looking to be a part of the Top Digital Marketing Companies in India? If yes, breathe life into your dreams with the right digital marketing course.

Why Should You Acquire Professional Training in Digital Marketing?

As we move towards digitally-led business models, digital is no longer being seen as a distinct marketing discipline! Old rules do not apply to the Digital Marketing Industry, where professionals with stronger skills shine prominently. 75% marketers surveyed stated that their lack of skills is impacting revenue. Also, 50% new marketing hires need technical skills, which has widened the talent gap.

Brimming with innumerable opportunities, a career in Digital sphere entails an ease in the usage of digital technologies, a passion for communication via creativity, social media cognizance or exploring data analytics.

With growth in demand for digital marketing careers, Institutes specializing in Digital Marketing courses in social media, search engine marketing, product management, email marketing, growth hacking, agile marketing, affiliate marketing, content writing & designing, analytics, etc.. have been on a rise. Choosing the right digital marketing course that would correspond with your skills and passion could be a Herculean task indeed!

Some of the best benefits of attaining a digital marketing training certification have been discussed below:

  • Jump-Start your career by boosting your job prospects on social media websites
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors at job interviews with enhanced confidence
  • Learn and solidify core skills to help you take a lead in your job from day one
  • Develop skills to execute various campaigns
  • Spur innovation while demonstrating your continuous learning skills
  • Raise your value in front of employers, while also helping you negotiate your terms and conditions
  • Execute stronger online strategies for your company
It is time to look for the right course that can hone your skills and help you enhance your digital outputs.
We hope our list of top 10 digital marketing courses in India has enlightened you on various marketing courses that could benefit you in the best manner.

Do you feel we could have added a few or more Digital Marketing Courses to this list? If yes, feel free to reach out to us, and we’d love to entertain your opinion in the best manner.

You can make this list even more comprehensive by getting in touch with us OR leaving your comments in the comment-box below to add your favourite Digital Marketing Course to this list!

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