Are you Being Useful at The Right Time to Your Customers? Micro-moment Marketing is the Answer!

Nowadays, a mobile phone performs many of the functions of a computer. A smartphone typically has a touchscreen interface, internet access, and an operating system that’s capable of running downloaded apps, in-fact “Smartphone” is the center of attention when it comes to online marketing.

According to a study, consumers in 2019 spend an average of 4.7 hours each day on their smartphones, thus it becomes the most likely source to market your advertisement or your brand. That is where the term “Micro-moment Marketing” comes in the picture.

In this blog today we are going to take a look at what exactly Micro-moment marketing is and how you as a marketer can use it effectively to increase your sales numbers. In a nutshell, it’s like being at the right place, at the right time, with a right message – the right moment!

What is Micro-moment Marketing?

What is Micro-moment Marketing?

Google’s content marketing team, “Think with Google“, published a report on micro-moment marketing, defining them as critical micro points of the consumers online journey. When combined with marketing strategy, micro-moments make a killer formula for the future of online marketing.

The whole concept of micro-moment marketing is important, because at the moment consumer’s inbox is flooded with content, ads, offers, emails, etc. But now the concerning situation for the marketing companies is that no human can consume all of these mails anymore, just because of the massive amount of social content that they already consume.

In the concept of micro-moment marketing, it is important to understand that your product is not the center of consumer’s attention. In fact, most of the consumers find these marketing content as interruptions in their online journey.

Therefore, the idea is to capture the attention of the consumer for a few seconds or even microseconds to deliver your message which should be relevant and interesting for the target audience. At the end of the day it’s all about content which is relevant and can be consumed as quickly as possible.

As Google’s research highlighted, sometimes these moments will be while comparing products or services while other times moments will be purchase driven. The comparing moments are the moments when brands are trying to catch consumer’s attention. As while comparing, they are most likely to click a similar article or story which might help them make their decision easier. But the brands find that moment more important to swing the decision of the consumer.

Why should you care?

With our dependence on a smartphone increasing rapidly, consumers are more likely to run into these micro-moments while purchasing something or looking online for help. Each one of these micro-moments is a critical opportunity for you to shape your consumer’s decision.

When a consumer is looking to buy something on the internet, his/her expectations are high while the patience is low. Therefore, at those micro-moment, quality, relevance, and shortness of your content becomes more important than ever. Below listed are some main advantages:-

  • To create brand awareness. More than half of smartphone users have discovered a new brand or product while searching on their smartphones
  • To create brand committed consumers. 90% of the smartphone users are not brand committed. They are not absolutely certain of buying a specific brand.
  • To swing a consumer’s decision. 1 out of 3 customers have purchased from a company or a brand just because the information provided by that brand or company when they required it.

Although the mobile is driving this change in the marketing world, this phenomenon has implications far beyond a mobile screen. It affects the entire purchase procedure of a consumer across screens and devices. If you are still not convinced that this is the future of digital marketing, then consider these findings from a recent research that google conducted :-

  • 91% of smartphone users look up information on their smartphones while in the middle of a task
  • 82% of smartphone users consult their phones while deciding which product to buy and one in ten of those ends up buying a different product than the one that they planned to buy
  • 69% of online consumers say that the quality, timing and relevance of a marketing message influences their perception of a brand

How to win these micro-moments?

An obvious first step is checking if your site is mobile friendly or not, because most of the consumers are doing most of the purchases from their smartphones.

PayPal also says mobile consumers accounted for a one third of all money spent online on black Friday. So it is pretty evident that consumers are not sitting down in front of a computer or a laptop to buy something, they are just turning towards their smartphone to do it.

According to Google, below is the list of some of the crucial micro-moments:

  • When someone is researching and comparing but is not in purchasing mode
  • When someone is considering to buy something at a local store nearby and looking for its address
  • When someone is looking for some help completing a project or want to learn or start something new
  • When someone is ready to make a purchase

The consumer marketing is focusing on the mobile (Smartphone) more than ever before. So here are some steps that might bring success to this micro-moment marketing method of marketing:

  • Know your consumer and anticipate their needs
  • Include paid ads on social media platforms
  • Make your content easy to consume
  • Be relevant
  • Be there in the moments of need
  • Be accountable


Although, the idea of “micro-moments” was introduced by Google in 2015, most of the brands are still not on board with it. They are still using the good old methods of sending emails and texts to get the consumers to buy their products. So, there are ample opportunities waiting for you to grab and start your micro-moment marketing campaign. Therefore, start to implement this idea “RightNow”

Finally, the main takeaway from this micro-moment marketing world is “Be Useful at the right time”. Once you capture the customer’s attention, you need to keep them engaged with valuable content that will help them make their own decision.

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